Motivational Energising Speaker


‘Professional Speaking Association Award of Excellence’ recipient

(John is only 1 of 16 speakers in the UK to have received this honour)

John Hotowka is a speaker who’ll give your people insights and tools to achieve more with less, build resilience and manage change to improve your bottom line.

He’s also been known to entertain with good clean comedy and no business message, sometimes… a combination of both?

As a speaker, John will empower you and your teams to be more motivated, resourceful and resilient… even when you and they don’t feel like it.  You’ll laugh while you learn and be inspired to take action.


Mel Morehouse the Operations People Plan Manager at Tescos had this to say:

‘I saw John at a recent industry event. As part of the day we get to see many “speakers”. Often this is just the case, they are speakers. John is different. In a world that is trying to be progressive, regressive and reactive, we need to be inspired by someone who breaks the mould. John does just that.

Let me start with his delivery style, quick, funny, keeping you on your toes and wondering what next. He uses magic to bring alive the valid and provoking points he makes. Be under no illusions, this is not a magic show, but someone who taps into even the most sceptical mind!

He has made me think about how we can use the problem-solving powers of others, and that giving is so important. Finally, most of our blockages- the things that stop us, are in our own minds and can be overcome’.


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