Summary of John Hotowka’s services

The business and event speaker – Topic: ‘Achievement Thinking ®’ – (dealing with change, team building, doing more with less)

John speaks to franchises, sales teams and executives on the mind set needed for success. (more)

The Laughter Dinner Speaker ®

John Hotowka is one of a hand full of speakers can both just entertain with no message being conveyed or effectively communicate a motivational message after dinner, he particularly relishes the after lunch slot.  The Hotowka approach is adaptable but the presentation is always visual, engaging and sparkling with good clean comedy. (more)

Executive groups and emerging leaders masterclass

Being ‘BRAVE’ a workshop and toolkit for resilient leaders (more)

Inspirational speaker in education

John’s presentation, ‘Think MAGIC’ is aimed at 14 to 19 year olds and inspires young people to study hard in school so they can achieve their full potential in life.  John presents a roller coaster ride of a story that includes insight, real life stories, fun and, of course, magic. (more)