John Hotowka – The Laughter Dinner Speaker®


John’s presentations can inspire, motivate or just entertain after dinnerafter lunch or at your awards and celebration event.

His approach is adaptable to any audience and presentations are always visual with wit and good clean comedy.

You have two options:


1) Just for Fun (no business message just laugh out loud entertainment):

John works with a member of the audience and both enjoy a laughter-filled journey as the ‘volunteer’ becomes the star of the show and successfully performs real magic!  Unrehearsed reactions provoke gales of laughter and delight from both the audience and the volunteer.

John also weaves witty and topical comments into the performance, making sure your event is talked about long after it’s over.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering his comedy is squeaky clean!  So clean in fact, he makes detergent look dirty.


2) Business and Motivational

After dinner, an audience just wants to unwind – receiving a business message isn’t usually top of mind.

So John entertains first, then delivers his powerful message when everyone is relaxed and having a good time.

What message?

Achievement Thinking ®

John draws on his background and experience with blue-chip businesses around the world as well as running his own one person business since 1989 to entertain, engage and inspire your audience.

His powerful and motivational theme generates a mindset for success through questioning beliefs, connecting with like minded people, focusing on value and re-balancing your life by slowing down to speed up.



Great Finale

“I was concerned that when the ‘Three Waiters’ had performed at the evening meal that your ‘cabaret spot’ may have been an anti-climax but of course I should have known better.  You gave us a great finale which everyone thoroughly enjoyed.”

Phil Simmons, Managing Director, Initial Specialist Services

Tasteful – perfect for a mixed group

“On a personal level, as the organiser, I felt that the tasteful and non-offensive nature of your performance was perfect for our mixed group, and you proved it is possible to hire a comedian who can make everyone laugh without resorting to blue or non PC humour at other’s expense.”

Stephanie Bonnar, Customer Services Manager, Capper & Co Ltd

The right business buttons

“I am writing simply to say ‘thank you’ for your wonderfully light-hearted after dinner presentation at our recent Senior Managers’ Conference in Swansea.  As light-hearted as it was, it certainly touched all the right ‘business’ buttons for all of us there and was received very well.”

Linda Badman, Customer Services Director Wales, Jobcentre Plus