Executive Groups and Leadership Masterclass

John has designed a half day masterclass for executive groups, leaders and emerging leaders



A toolkit and workshop for Resilient Leaders


It doesn’t matter how ‘tough’ you are there will always be someone or something bigger that knocks you off your feet.  When it does happen (and it does to everyone) the key is to be resilient; to have the right tools and methods to enable you to bounce back.  As a leader, it’s critical you can do this. After all, if you can’t how can you expect your team to?


During his time in the corporate world and later running a small business that boasted nearly half the blue-chip companies in the UK as clients, John learnt a lot about success and later he learnt a lot about resilience.


He observed that, even when times are hard, there were always people and organisations who were successful and resilient.  What’s more, they also flourished irrespective of the state of the economy and the challenges thrown at them.


He wondered if this “Achievement Thinking ®” mindset could be learned… He discover that it could.


John also realised that all the training and knowledge in the world won’t help you achieve outstanding results unless you have the right mindset, attitude and resilience to be self-motivated. Above all else, you need to Take Action!


So what John has put together has exactly the right blend of theory, demonstration and practical group/individual exercises to make sure everybody leaves the room having already taken action to improve their resilience as leaders.


After completing this session you will:

  • Understand the ‘BRAVE’ Model and be able to apply it daily to build resilience in you and your team.
  • Have specific tools and techniques to give you focus and clarity in your decision making.
  • Understand the key difference between a Problem Solver and a Solution Finder and be able to apply it to yourself and your team.
  • Be able to identify the right approach to take in ‘high stress’ situations to ensure they don’t ‘blow up’ in your face.
  • Be able to include fun into your daily routine in a way that adds to your ability to get things done rather than taking away your focus.