Motivational Business Speaker


John Hotowka’s ‘Achievement Thinking ®’ methodology gives you and your people insights and simple, practical tools to be more resourceful and resilient and to manage change… even in hard times.


Making a difference

‘I recently had the pleasure to attend one of John’s presentations and was blown away by his delivery, motivating messages and humour. He captivated the audience and left everyone wanting more, I have already been following some of John’s motivational techniques and advice and can honestly say it’s already beginning to make a difference to how I approach my career and home life. I highly recommend you attend a session if you can’.

Greg Jones – Claims Service Manager at Zurich Insurance Company Ltd


All the training and knowledge in the world is of no use unless you’re mind is set for success and John will give you the fuel needed to achieve even more.


John is something of a rarity among speakers, while delighted to speak in any slot at a conference or meeting he particularly relishes delivering the after-lunch main platform keynote, re-energising audiences with humour during the period which is so often a slump in the day.


What to expect from a Hotowka presentation:

  • Better information retention
  • Softer delivery of serious material
  • A motivated and inspired audience
  • An audience that feels valued, involved and entertained


Motivation and mindsets

John’s experience of change, global brands and self-development has led to an insightful presentation that takes mindsets and businesses to another level.


Topic & Typical Presentation Outline:
Achievement Thinking ®

  • Being aware of behaviours that hold you back and how to change them
  • The simple three word phrase that will get almost anyone to do almost anything for you
  • The power of focus and how to combat distraction and stay focused
  • The ‘reality check’ needed to create your own reality and build resilience
  • How to collaborate or work as a team to achieve success



“Inspiring, unpackable skills, humorous, easy to understand and impactful.”

Gemma Daniels, Marketing Director, Hydra Creative

Really understanding what our company is about

“In advance of the conference I was very re-assured by the thorough approach to your preparation which was reflected in your delivery.  You had clearly taken the time to get to know our business and our challenges and many colleagues commented upon this.

I really felt you managed to get across our message about coping with a changing environment very effectively whilst keeping our audience entertained with your wit.  Feedback from the delegates was excellent with many of them telling me what an enjoyable and yet relevant session it was.”

Richard Caldicott, Head of Operations – Intermediaries, Prudential


“Stimulating from beginning to end, challenging and thought provoking.”

Barry Crich, Managing Director, Adare