Ask and you shall receive

I was in the supermarket doing my weekly ‘big’ shop last Saturday and noticed two things:

1) The price of a tin of dog food had gone up 99p, which is extortionate especially when you consider that’s almost £7 in dog money :)

2) Some of us have no idea how to get what we want when we want it. In fact, probably most of us don’t know how to get what we want when we want it.

I can’t do anything about the price of dog food, but I know how to increase the chances of getting what I want when I want it. I bet you know the answer too, but how often do we do it? Note the word ‘we’ because I sometimes forget too :)

Which attitude can you identify with?

I’m almost at the end of my shop; my trolley is straining under the weight of my provisions. Also, even though the trolley was fine to begin with, the more laden it became the wonkier one of the wheels became. I, ‘Hotowka the Great Hunter’, have one more item to track down and bag before I can leave the Tesco Jungle (other jungles are also available). All I want is some Garibaldis; call me old fashioned but I do like a Garibaldi from time to time. So off I head for… the biscuit aisle. Why? Because there’s a rumour that’s where they gather in packs (groan.

I approach the aisle and my quarry is in sight; they’re about half way down the aisle, third shelf from the top, next to the Jammie Dodgers.

The aisle is narrow. I can’t get to them for two reasons. Firstly, there’s an elderly lady in a wheelchair with her carer blocking the way. Secondly, there’s a middle aged couple behind the lady in the wheelchair who are also trying to get past her. The man is obviously annoyed at the lady in the wheelchair for blocking the aisle and is complaining to his wife in hushed tones. I can’t believe how annoyed he is; he’s tutting, shaking his head and rolling his eyes heavenwards. Our friend in the wheelchair is oblivious to what is happening, as all she’s concerned with is perusing the biscuits and trying to make a choice of her own.

I decide to take desperate action, after all, desperate situations need desperate measures; I wonder if you would have done the same thing. Now I think about it, it was not only a cunning plan, but also a stroke of genius.

I politely said to the middle aged couple, “Excuse me, may I pass please?” They smiled and… moved to one side. I said the same thing to the lady in the wheelchair, in the same polite tone of voice. Guess what? Miracles of miracles, she and her carer moved to one side too and let me through. I felt like Moses parting the Red Sea. Within seconds I had my beloved Garibaldis in my mitts and they joined the rest of my supplies in the trolley.

The lady in the wheelchair carried on looking at biscuits and I wended on my way to the checkout, making a mental note to get a working trolley next time I do my weekly shop.

The lady in the wheelchair wasn’t doing anything wrong. Okay, she may have been blocking the aisle, but she was just unaware of her environment. She was, after all, disabled and doing the best she could. She certainly didn’t have any intention to be of any hindrance to anyone.

The middle aged couple were getting stressed and annoyed with the elderly lady; as far as I could see there was no reason to do so.

So, was what I did a desperate measure? No!

Was it a cunning plan? No!

Was it a stroke of genius? Possibly, but I don’t think so.

I just used common sense and a dash of courtesy.

So tell me do you identify with the attitude of the middle aged couple or mine?

If you come across an obstacle in life or business do you complain about it, possibly get stressed about it and take no action? Do you let it eat you up inside?

Or do you study the situation and realise that, if you can’t do anything about it you let it go, or if you can do something about it, do you take action?

If you are the type of person who complains and does nothing then you only have yourself to blame for the way you feel and you should be annoyed at yourself.

One of the basic actions we need to do, but often forget to do, is a little technique mentioned in most spiritual teachings. This is a technique we were all taught when we were young.

What’s the technique? It’s described in one word… ‘ASK’.


My dear reader finish this sentence, ‘Ask and you shall…’; that’s right, ‘RECEIVE’.

How many times when you were a child we’re you told, ‘You’ve got a tongue in your head, speak up and ASK!’


How often do we just complain, get stressed and annoyed when instead we should be ASKING? And sometimes we don’t receive because we haven’t got the asking bit right; we’re either asking the wrong person or for the wrong thing. So, if we don’t receive what we ask for don’t get angry, get thinking, who should you ask and exactly what should you be asking for?

Be brave; go on, you know you want to… ASK!!! And you shall…

Just a thought, must go now as I have a wonky wheel to fix :)