Attitude is everything

Attitude is everything and we can always choose our attitude.

I was recently reminiscing with a friend about an event I spoke at a few years ago which was… shall we say, challenging.

I remember thinking I’d learnt three lessons:

1) A journey of a 1,000 miles begins with a single delay of 3 hours before take off.

2) Always be aware of the 50 – 50 – 90 rule. Any time you have a 50 – 50 chance of getting something right, there’s a 90% probability you’ll get it wrong.

3) And the most important lesson. We’re always in a place of choice whether we realise it or not.

I believe, we always have a choice how we react to a situation even when we think there is no choice. We can always choose our attitude.

I was invited to an Event Industry Forum to entertain the delegates after dinner at the wonderful 5 star luxury Europe Hotel & Resort in Killarney, Ireland.

I’m delighted to say the after dinner entertainment I provided was very well received.

On one of the afternoons a team building activity was arranged. The plan was a leisurely 4 mile boat trip across the lake, a ride in open carriages pulled by horses and, for the final leg of the trip back to the hotel, a luxury coach ride.

The weather forecast bright and sunny.

What could possibly go wrong?

Actually, the event was meticulously planned and well executed except after 20 minutes on the boat… it rained and rained and rained and rained and rained and rained. Oh and by the way, did I mention? It rained!

The boat trip became a ridiculous experience as we would have been drier if we’d swam in the lake.

Even when in the carriages we had to periodically bail the water out. We would have been drier sailing in the boat.

As we approached the luxury coaches for shelter the rain… stopped :O We were all so sopping wet the driver wished we were all back in the carriages again.

After all of that, you would have thought the whole episode would have been a miserable experience of what was otherwise a great event… alas no.

True, we could have done without being soaked to the bone but we were well looked after by the hotel team. They couldn’t do anything about the weather, it caught us by surprise.

More to the point, when it came to our attitude, we had a choice. Were we going to be miserable or were we going to have fun? We became so wet we began to laugh and started joking about our predicament.

We bonded more as a team than if the weather had been splendid.

Let’s face it, we were in no real danger just very uncomfortable.

Obviously there are some situations we would find very challenging to ‘enjoy’. But how many times do we complain for no real reason such as the weather being poor, or a train being late or that our in- laws are coming to stay at the weekend (I might let you off that last one).

If we’re not being physically threatened why be miserable, when it takes just as much effort to be happy?

As I said, I believe, we always have a choice how we react to a situation even when we think there is no choice.

Attitude is everything and we can always choose out attitude.

And if we do start a journey of a 1,000 miles and there’s a delay of 3 hours before take off, instead of being upset about it we could utilise the time to have some fun or even use the time productively :)

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