Attitude – What I learnt the time people changed their attitude towards me

About a decade ago I lost a lot of weight. I needed to, I was so big I couldn’t even find a tie that would fit me 😮

Better still, I’ve managed to maintain my target weight within a few pounds. I mentioned it when recently speaking at a dinner and was asked if I had any observations and insights of how people treated me compared to when was 100 lbs (45Kgs) larger.

The most amusing observations and best lessons I learnt was observing the behaviour and attitude towards me of the people who KNEW I lost so much weight.


I wish I had cupcake every time someone said, “I couldn’t lose weight, I like my food too much.” REALLY?!? What makes them think I don’t like my food? The fact is, I INCREASED the number of foods I eat AND like; I love food and eat well.

Life is what you make it. I made small changes, studied which foods were healthy and which were not healthy to eat and learned to make ‘wise’ choices. Above all else, I focussed on the things I could eat, not on the things I couldn’t.

It’s the same in work and life, sometimes we focus on the problems and on the things we can’t do instead of focussing on what we can do. We need to focus on solutions and on making the most of the resources we have.


Some of my friends and colleagues, who knew about my achievement, when we ate out socially together ‘suddenly’ changed their eating habits and ate ‘healthily’. For some reason they felt guilty eating buns and pies in front of me.

I had to make it quite clear I WAS NOT, AND STILL AM NOT, A BUNAHOLIC. If I get a sniff of a bun or a pie I will not turn into some crazed animal and wrestle you to the ground to steal the food.

Nor will I run out of the room shouting at the top of my voice, ‘Unclean, unclean’.

As a person, I’m no better or worse than anyone else. After being on the planet for over half a century and being overweight since being a child I made a choice. We all make choices. Some choices may be considered helpful and others unhelpful. Either way they don’t make any of us any better or worse as a person than anyone else.

I didn’t lose weight to impress anybody. Nor did I, or do I, feel superior having done it.

The lesson? I was always accepted and loved by my family and friends before the health gain as much as I am now. I feel the same about my family and friends. I wouldn’t judge them, I love them for who they are.

So, just be you.


I’ve been told numerous times of people (no names are ever mentioned) who were unhealthy and overweight and became fit and healthy people and once fit and healthy died young or developed some terminal illness. The argument being there’s no point in doing the hard work to become healthy.

I have some bad news for those of you who think like that. There are probably a 1000 times many more people who are unhealthily that die than the healthy ones.

The fact is, after all my hard work I could drop dead tomorrow (not a nice thought, but a fact). It’s also a fact that I could die of a long and lingering disease. Here’s another fact; what I have done is to drastically REDUCE the chances of those two things happening, I’ve also reduced the chances of developing many diseases associated with being overweight.

If you do anything, do it for yourself. I feel great NOW, I enjoy my life NOW.


You see, whatever we want to achieve in life all starts with what goes on between our ears. All the training in the world won’t help us to achieve anything if our head isn’t in the right place.

Only with the right attitude can we achieve our dreams and goals.

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