Beware of overconfidence

I don’t know about you but I can’t believe 23rd March 2021 marked the first anniversary of the UK lockdown. And in the UK it was the National Day of Reflection.

The objective was for the nation to come together and reflect on the tragic loss of life, show support for people who’ve been bereaved and celebrate the lives of all those who’ve died.

I paused to reflect for a few minutes when the bells tolled at 12.01 pm across the four nations.

I also took the opportunity to spend a few more minutes to reflect on two other things.

I’m aware it’s been tough for many if not all of us and in different ways. I know, as I’ve had some challenges of my own.

As I thought about what’s happened in the last year I realised there were many achievements and successes too. We’ve had to adopt and adapt to a new way of working and… living. There’s so much we’ve done and done well under very challenging circumstances.

It’s only right to give ourselves some time to remind ourselves of just what we’ve achieved. And be proud of what we’ve achieved.

And finally, I also spend a minute or two reflecting on my attitude as we transition out of lockdown and in to yet another ‘new normal’.

Because of the vaccine we’ve all been given hope and at the same time there’s also a possible pitfall.

I recently received my first vaccine jab and, thankfully, I had no ill effects whatsoever.

My spirits perked up a little because I felt like it won’t be long before we have our freedom of movement again. We’ll be able to hug our friends and loved ones, travel and, for me, I can’t wait to be in the same room as my audiences when speaking.

That jab made me feel very confident.

And, as I said, there’s a possible pitfall. In a word, OVERconfidence.

Hope drives us, confidence is good but if we’re overconfident we can become complacent and make mistakes, and that might set us back.

Remember, a trait resilient people have is being cautiously confident. In other words, they know what they want to achieve, they’re optimistic and one step at a time they step up and step onward. They don’t take their goal as a given it’ll happen, nor do they take each step for granted, they regularly review their progress to ensure they’re on track.

We’ve all gone through a lot, it won’t be long now before we’re through it. Let’s not forget what has happened and let’s be cautiously confident.

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