De-stress with forest bathing

Ever heard of Shinrin Yoku? Me neither. Thanks to my friend Steve Bruckshaw I’ve learnt yet another way to de-stress and boost my resilience and well-being.

By the way, Shinrin Yoku to we Westerners is known as forest bathing. A method of being calm and quiet amongst trees and observing nature around you whilst breathing deeply.

OK, on our walk recently Steve and I did a fair bit of chatting, catching up and exchanging words of wisdom. But he showed me the potential of forest bathing and we did plenty of pausing and taking in the beauty of the views, smells and sounds of the awesomeness of nature that was around us.

I don’t know about you, I love walking in the countryside, I’ve even walked through forests but have never forest bathed before.

I’ve now done it a few times and each time… on my own.

I love company, but when I was on my own it became a walking meditation and a fully immersive experience as I was mindful of the ground beneath my feet, I listen to different bird songs, and the babbling brooks as I walk by. Not to mention the smell of fresh air, the trees and plant life around me. Also, the views were all  breathtaking.

I particularly loved the smells and views.

I encourage you to give it a go, you’ll need to find a forest (obviously). Turn off your devices. Move through the forest relatively slowly so you can feel the ambiance and see more of what’s around you. Take long deep breaths and periodically stop, see, smell and hear your environment.

My research suggests you build up to two hours of forest bathing for the full experience… I’m loving it.

Must go now, I’m getting the call of nature. That’s not a euphemism, I mean it literally as it’s time for a spot of Shinrin Yoku woo hoo 😊

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