Frozen wisdom to help build resilience

Happy New Year, I trust you’ve returned from the festive break feeling refreshed, energised and ready to take on the opportunities 2019 will bring :)

Talking of being refreshed I recently refreshed many of my marketing materials in particular my website. I’m thinking of changing my hair style too but that might be too radical :)

Why the refresh? Because of a very important exercise I needed to do late last year inspired by the film ‘Frozen’. It certainly helped me feel better and more focussed for what’s to come in 2019. I’m sure it’ll help you too. It’s something we all know about but don’t do often enough.

By the way, some films inspire me in different ways. I recently watched Padding 2 (I loved it) and at the end of it I had a craving for marmalade sandwiches… I don’t even like marmalade :O

Anyway, New Year’s day morning I visited a friend of mine. While I was there she asked if I’d help take down her Chrimblemas decorations (I know, but hey). I was happy to help except… one job led to another :O

Her cubbyhole, needed clearing out so we could put the boxes with the decorations in to it. Only one of us could fit in to the room at one time so it was a bit of a squeeze. Bit by bit we sorted her possessions in to the usual piles: keep, charity shop, eBay, give away and… bin.

Ruthless decisions were made and at the end of it there was plenty of room in the cubbyhole, so much room we could both work in there quite comfortably. This cubbyhole was no longer a ‘hole’ it was a room.

Why did she keep all that junk? Out of habit I suppose.

She’s not alone, many of us are the same, I know I am. When I finish with something such as book or a project I’ll store it away somewhere. But will I need them again? Maybe, maybe not. We just get in the habit of putting things away and they accumulate as time goes by.

Late last year, I decided to take my annual clear out several steps further. I chose to also look at my business and life.

In business, I looked at my processes, offerings and marketing materials. What was working, what wasn’t working. For one thing, I’d advanced so much in my speaking career my old website no longer did me justice, I needed to (as the famous song in Frozen suggests)… let it go.

Oh come on, you must have seen that coming :)

Anyway, I did the same with my personal life.

This is my point and it’s what I believe will help you too.

Many people this time of year will be telling you about setting goals and thinking about what you want to achieve. That’s great but before we do that we need to think about what to let go of to make space for bigger and better things.

Why not create a list of things you no longer want or need to do?

It may include choosing:

  • not to meet with people who don’t make you feel good
  • to stop working until very late at night
  • not going to meetings and events you no longer enjoy
  • to unsubscribe from unnecessary groups on LinkedIn and Facebook
  • to no longer taking on more work just to make someone else happy

What is it you need to let go of to free up time, or energise you, so you can do what you want to do and enjoy doing?

Finding time to do what you want to do and activities that energises you all goes towards building your resilience.

Must go, I have an important decision to make. Shall I burst in to song and sing a few verses of ‘Let it Go’ or should I finish eating my marmalade sandwich? :)