Frozen wisdom to start the New Year

Happy New Year, I trust you’ve returned from the festive break feeling refreshed, energised and ready to take on the opportunities 2024 will bring :)

Late last year I did a very important exercise inspired by the film ‘Frozen’. It certainly helped me feel better and more focussed for what’s to come in 2024. I’m sure it’ll help you too. It’s something we all know about but don’t do often enough.

By the way, some films inspire me in different ways. I recently watched Padding 2 (I loved it) and at the end of it I had a craving for marmalade sandwiches… I don’t even like marmalade :O

In business, I looked at my processes, offerings and marketing materials. What was working, what wasn’t working. I needed to (as the famous song in Frozen suggests)… let it go.

Oh come on, you must have seen that coming :)

Anyway, I did the same with my personal life.

My point is, and it’s what I believe will help you too.

Many people this time of year will be telling you about setting goals and thinking about what you want to achieve. That’s great but before we do that we need to think about what to let go of to make space for bigger and better things.

Think of it like doing a thorough Spring clean of your home. You go through every cupboard, draw and storage space and throw out what you no longer want or need. This makes space for new things to come in to your life.

Why not create a list of things you no longer want or need to do? It may include choosing:

  • not to meet with people who don’t make you feel good
  • to stop working until very late at night
  • not going to meetings and events you no longer enjoy
  • to unsubscribe from unnecessary groups on LinkedIn and Meta
  • to say no to someone or something

What is it you need to let go of to free up time so you can do what you want to do and enjoy doing?

But don’t do everything at the same time. If you do you’ll just become overwhelmed and do nothing. Just start doing one or two things to begin with. The ones that will have the most effect and take the least amount of effort. Make a note in your diary to do something else in a weeks time. Go through the list doing one thing every week until you get through the list.

Must go, I have an important decision to make. Shall I burst in to song and sing a few verses of ‘Let it Go’ or should I finish eating my marmalade sandwich? ;)

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