Just ask

If you come across an obstacle in life do you complain about it, possibly get stressed about it and take no action? Do you let it eat you up inside?

Or, do you study the situation and realise that, if you can’t do anything about it you let it go. Or, if you can do something about it, do you take action?

One of the basic actions we might need to do, but often forget to do, or find difficult to do is a little action, mentioned in most spiritual teachings, something very basic, we were all taught it when we were young.

What’s the action? In a word… ‘ASK’.

How many times when you were a child we’re you told, ‘You’ve got a tongue in your head, speak up and ASK!’

Simples… or is it?

How often do we just complain, get stressed and annoyed when instead we should be ASKING? Of course there are many reasons for not asking. It could be we don’t know who to ask, or we think we might be perceived as weak or incompetent in some way. Or any other number of reasons, or should that be mistaken beliefs.

And sometimes we don’t receive what we ask for because we haven’t got the asking bit right; we’re either asking the wrong person or for the wrong thing. So, if we don’t receive what we ask for don’t get angry, get thinking. Who should you ask and exactly what should you be asking for?

Of course, it’s possible the answer will be a no anyway, a definite refusal. But if we don’t ask in the first place the answer will ALWAYS be no. So what have you we got to lose by asking? Nothing!

Be brave Subscriber; go on, you know you should… ASK!!!

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