Manage change and even uncertainty with this very powerful tool

A hand shot up at the back of the room and a voice at the other end of it said, ‘That was great, thank you’. I nodded my head graciously and mouthed thank you. The voice continued (without the presence of the hand), ‘I was wondering… when you either decide to make a change in your life or experience change and you’re uncertain what to do how do you ago about deciding the specific steps of action or how to deal with it?’

As a change management speaker I’ve been asked some great questions after my presentations and that was certainly one of them.

Of course you can ask for help from someone who has already experienced the change, challenge or goal you want to achieve. That’s fine, but there’s another way which will enable you to explore many possibilities to help you decide on THE specific actions to take.

I run a business alone, just me and nobody else. I have no intention to run a business any bigger than just me. There have been times over the years when I was uncertain of my next move or I had a challenge or opportunity and didn’t know how to go about it. I knew I needed to have a team of people around me to help me. But how was I going to create such a team and still keep my business with a staff count of just one.

About 2010 I read a phenomenal book called ‘Think And Grow Rich’ by Napoleon Hill. This book was written in 1937. The chapter that resonated the most with me was chapter 10 entitled, ‘The power Of The Master Mind’.

I contacted 5 other speakers to form a Master Mind. We meet up (face to face) for a whole day every six to eight weeks. We each bring an issue challenge or opportunity to the table and everyone explore and discusses the best solutions. Why? Because four, five, six brains looking for a solution is far more powerful than one brain having to do it on their own.

For details how to form a Master Mind clickerate here :)

So how does this apply to you? You can do exactly the same whether you work alone or within an organisation.

If you work alone form a Master Mind with a group of people within your network. Who do you know, like and trust and think would also benefit from being part of such a group.

If you work within an organisation, you may already have a ready made Master Mind ie the team you work with. I speak at a lot of sales conferences and sales teams are a natural starting point for a Master Mind.

You could create a Master Mind across departments. I’ve spoken to many PA groups where they now do just that. If you’re in leadership you could form a Master Mind group across organisations with other people in similar roles to you. For instance a Master Mind of Finance Directors or General managers. You really want to form such a group with a similar role to you because you will have the the same if not similar issues, challenges and opportunities.

Ideally it’s best to meet on a regular basis as very trusting relationships and bonds will form enabling the group to get very deep and intimate with the solutions.

I also attend occasional Master Minds, there’s a photo of such a group below.

We’re very good friends and very occasionally we meet up for a meal, catch up and share insights, ideas and strategies.

Say hello to Simon Zutshi, Michael Ogilvie, Gabrielle Gache, Derek Arden, Graham Jones, John Hotowka and Jane Gunn.

Whether we run a business on own, or work within a large organisation as part of a team or in silos we don’t have to be on our own.

We’ll always have to deal with and manage uncertainty and change and it can be a lot easier than we think. Especially when we’re part of a mutually supportive group.

If you think now would be a good time to form a Master Mind and would like to know how to go about it just clickerate here :)