Insightful, Motivational and Energising

John was awarded the Professional Speaking Award of Excellence – the highest accolade a professional speaker can be awarded in the United Kingdom.

Not surprising, after being made redundant as an optician three times in the space of seven years, he created a business as a corporate magician which led to him working with nearly half the blue chip companies in the UK.  This background perfectly positioned him with the experience needed when he evolved in to becoming a professional speaker.

After a crisis in confidence in 2002 John realised all the training and knowledge in the world won’t help you achieve outstanding results unless you have the right mindset, attitude and resilience to be self-motivated. Which is why he developed Achievement Thinking®’.

The Results

He created a collection of simple, proven tools that empower you and your people with the confidence, strength and commitment to excel. Using the techniques from his ’Achievement Thinking’ system John’s clients have achieved outstanding results including hitting annual sales targets three months early, increased productivity and raised morale… even in tough times.

Why John?

John’s had first-hand experience of the highs and lows associated with running a business singlehanded since 1989 as a speaker humourist and magician. His crisis in confidence sparked a thirst for learning to help himself and others build resilience and manage change.

Be Entertained and Inspired

You’ll learn from John’s personal lessons in overcoming obstacles, doubt and failure. You’ll also learn from his extensive industry knowledge and the insight he gained from working with numerous blue chip organisations and small businesses.

As an added bonus, you’ll also laugh while you learn, he might even do a trick or two.