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Mindset For Success

John is a master at delivering tailored, interactive and entertaining keynotes because he knows the audience will retain the information and take action.

John Hotowka’s ‘Achievement Thinking ®’ principals gives you and your people insights and simple, practical tools to be more resourceful, resilient and to manage change… even in tough times.

All the training and knowledge in the world is of no use unless you’re mind is set for success and John will give you the fuel needed to stay focused and achieve more.

John’s experience of change, global brands and self-development has led to insightful presentations that takes mindsets and businesses to another level.


Typical Presentation Outline

  • Being aware of behaviours that hold you back and how to change them

  • The simple three word phrase that will get almost anyone to do almost anything for you
  • The power of focus and how to combat distraction and stay focused

  • The ‘reality check’ needed to create your own reality and build resilience
  • How to collaborate or work as a team to achieve success

For Organisations

In an age with so much challenge and change we’re all under pressure to achieve more with less and in less time.

John will give you and your people encouragement, inspiration and practical tips to keep on going… no matter what’s thrown at you.

You’ll get the most from your colleagues and teams as they learn and are empowered to stay focussed and work more efficiently and effectively with each other.

“He is inspiring, engaging and fun! His attention to detail, to understand our organisation ahead of his presentation was brilliant – it meant we had a really meaningful and impactful presentation that our employees could really relate to. His key messages now resonate through the building.” Emily Norris, Nestle

In Sales

When the going gets tough not everyone can do it alone. Some people need encouragement, inspiration and practical tips to keep on going.

John will help you get the most from your colleagues and teams by driving home a powerful and inspirational message; that is underpinned by practical tools honed, over 30 years in business.

Your people will gain new insights become more resilient and resourceful with John’s take home workable techniques.

The result? They will be enlivened, empowered to take action and learn how to achieve targets and goals leading to increased profits for all.

“He really took time to understand the business, the terminology and the audience and then weave this detail into his presentation – which made it feel personal and relevant to the team in the room. Landing the mind-set messages with humour and magic was unique and many people spoke about how much they enjoyed it afterwards and were motivated to go out an sell… which ultimately was our goal!” Patrick Bramich, Unilever

Franchises & Business

John understands how lonely and challenging it can be running a business solo. After all, he’s done it since 1989.

You’ll learn from John’s personal lessons in overcoming obstacles, doubt and failure.

Achievement Thinking’ is a collection of simple tools to empower and help individuals, teams, franchisors and franchise owners find, keep and grow the strength to continuously flourish, build resilience, manage change, overcome obstacles and achieve goals.

“John opened up our National Molly Maid Convention to both entertain but importantly to also encourage our Franchise Owners to be open minded and accepting of business improvements throughout the weekend ahead. He delivered on every level with over 92% of delegates saying he was very helpful to their business. Thoroughly recommended if you’re after an entertaining yet inspiring way to start your event.”  Jonathan Holden – Molly Maid

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