10.5 nuggets of wisdom to build resilience for 2021 and for life

Happy New Year.

My New Year’s resolution was to go on a Mediterranean diet. It doesn’t seem to be working, I wonder if I should cut down to only seven eighteen inch pizzas per day ;)

This year many of us have forgone large New Year’s celebrations and we may even struggle to make our annual New Year’s resolutions, especially as the future for many of us is uncertain.

Many of us don’t maintain our New Year’s resolutions anyway.

Considering how different everything has been, how about doing something else a little different this year. Instead of resolutions why not create a list of insights to help you navigate the inevitable ups and downs of life.

Back in June 2014 I celebrated 25 years in business and reflected on the nuggets of wisdom I’d learnt over the years. At the time, I shared them in my monthly e-bulletin.

While tidying my office over the festive break, a sheet of paper landed on my lap, it was THE list. Even though I naturally use them as a guide in my life almost without thinking, holding them in my mitts and reading them made me realise they were insights that have stood me in good stead over the years. Even during the pandemic. So much so I thought they were worth sharing again.

As we go into 2021 we can approach the future in two ways.

We can either hope for the best OR choose to embrace whatever is thrown at us whether we like it or not. I prefer the latter, to celebrate and enjoy the successes we’ll have (because there will be successes) and be grateful for the opportunity to learn lessons from the things that don’t work out as we’d like (because there will those times too). Reflect on last year and I‘m sure you’ll agree, there were plenty of challenges and successes too.

As a starting point for your own list here are my 10.5 top nuggets of wisdom I’d have told a much younger John Hotowka all those many many moons ago as he embarked on this journey called life. I hope some or all of them will resonate and maybe even inspire you.

1) Learn from yesterday, prepare for tomorrow, do what you can today.

2) If something you don’t like happens, it’ll pass. If something you do like happens, it’ll pass. Life doesn’t love or hate you, things just happen, it’s not personal. Live with it, move on.

3) Know the difference between helpful and unhelpful fear and act accordingly. An example of helpful fear is when an animal such as a rabid dog threatens to attack you; run away. An example of unhelpful fear is being afraid of rejection such as asking someone out on a date or for help; in those cases face the fear and… GET ON WITH IT!!!

4) Be kinder than necessary to all you meet, because EVERYONE is fighting some kind of battle.

5) It’s OK to say no. NEVER feel guilty saying no.

6) Celebrate your achievements, no matter how small, often. No need to have a big party, although there’s nothing wrong with that. At the very least give yourself a pat on the back.

7) Laugh and smile as often as you can, even when you have nothing to laugh or smile about. Joy, gratitude and pride help create a positive focus.

8) If you can’t help someone you’d like to help, don’t feel guilty. Also, if you ask for help from someone and they refuse, don’t take it personally.

9) Accept yourself for who you are warts and all. Don’t dwell on your flaws just be your own best friend. If you do something wrong or make a mistake don’t beat yourself up instead pick yourself up, focus on what you can do and encourage yourself to carry on.

10) Respect the beliefs of others who’s to say you or they are right or wrong.

10.5) Above all, keep the faith. Even in your darkest hour believe what is happening is for your highest good, it usually is.

With that I wish you a fantabulous 2021 and remember all things are possible… except skiing through a revolving door, of course :)

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