Resilience – A reminder

Did you know self help books have been around for thousands of years. The earliest recorded tome was an Ancient Egyptian genre called “Sebayt,” (meaning teachings or instructions) which was an instructional literature on life.

Today there’s an abundance of self help books. As for the internet there seems to be an almost unlimited amount of information, knowledge and wisdom available at our fingertips and on every topic imaginable.

Why is all this information available? Because, we all have problems, issues and challenges and we need answers. Sometimes we just like to be amused and entertained. We also, need inspiration and motivation from time to time.

I’ve realised, often when we need a little inspiration and motivation we DON’T have to get it from a book, the internet or from looking at the achievements of others. There’s nothing wrong with doing any of that and it is a good thing to continue doing. I’m just saying Subscriber, from time to time there’s another source of inspiration that’s under our very noses.

Recently I’ve been speaking at events where my clients wanted me to motivate and inspire their teams. When I was briefed I realised the teams didn’t need motivating and inspiring they just needed… REMINDING… reminding of the good work they were doing and their achievements.

They were just focussing on the issues and challenges they had to deal with. Once they dealt with those issues and challenges they didn’t count them as successes they just went on to the next issue and challenge. That’s fine, except for one thing, if we don’t put our lives in to perspective our resilience and motivation can erode.

So, I gave them some tools to stay focussed and self-motivated. But what resonated the most with them was when I reminded them of their achievements and put their working lives in to perspective. It was at that point they ended up inspiring and motivating THEMSELVES.

Often, we’re so busy dealing with problems, issues and challenges we forget what we’ve achieved and how far we’ve come.

I’m not suggesting we should rest on our laurels and not continuously learn and evolve, there’s always room for improvement. Nor am I suggesting we show off or become arrogant. I’m just suggesting we put our lives in to perspective which will help raise morale and build resilience.

So every day Subscriber for a minute or two (possibly when you go to bed just before you nod off to sleep) remind yourself of your achievements no matter how small and insignificant you think they might be.

Subscriber why not try it every day for a few weeks and see how you feel.

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