Resilience – A way of thinking when being pressured to repeat success

Do you have a philosophy, rule or mantra that you always follow in life? Perhaps it was something that was passed down from generation to generation in your family.

Usually it’s something along the lines of ‘work hard, play hard’ or ‘treat others as you’d like to be treated yourself.’

Here are two of the silliest ones I’ve collected over the last year or so.

‘Never entrust your life to a surgeon with more than three Band-Aids on his fingers.’

‘Don’t become superstitious as it’s bad luck.’

OK, I’ll own up; one was said as a joke and the other was meant to be serious, I’ll let you decide which is which.

We all have ways of thinking that have been influenced by either someone else or our own experiences.

Eventually this thinking becomes automatic. That’s OK if the thoughts are helpful to us.

Over the years I’ve applied Achievement Thinking to increasing sales, achieving goals, building resilience and managing change, which are all about facing challenges we need to overcome. But what if we’re already successful?

I’ve spoken at quite a few events where the people in the audience, under the tough circumstances we’ve all experienced over the last year and half, were successful; scratch that, they have been VERY VERY successful.

You might be thinking, ‘So what’s the challenge John?’

The challenge is that they’re thinking, ‘Can we do it again? How can we repeat the success of last year?’

I’ve realised from time to time that I’ve had the same thoughts. I bet you have too, and it’s amazing how our minds work. For most of us when things are not going well we’re concerned, and then when things do go well there’s a danger we can become concerned success won’t last.

The fact is, everything is temporary. Reflect over your life and you’ll find any hardships, concerns and successes you had were all temporary. Some may have lasted seconds, others years, but they were all temporary.

Even the most successful person has challenges, issues and (of course) successes.

Irrespective of what’s going on in my life, whether it’s an event I like or not, whether I’m being challenged or flying high, here are my mantras and I hope they help you too:

Celebrate your successes

Celebrate your achievements

Celebrate your talent

Stay focussed

Keep the faith

I’d love to know your mantras.

As I write these parting words I’m reminded of one of my father’s mantras, he was a very wise man. His advice was always to keep your words soft and sweet… just in case you have to eat them :)

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