Resilience and how a simple space can make all the difference

I remember once seeing some graffiti on a wall; it was one word, ‘impossible’.

The word stuck in my head, and it wasn’t long after I realised there was another way of looking at it. By adding two things, an apostrophe and a space, I realised it took on a completely different meaning.

‘Impossible’ + one space + one apostrophe = I’m Possible

It’s the same when adding a space to the following phrase:

I Am Nowhere + one space = I Am Now Here

Just one tiny space can turn something that’s a negative into a positive.

Nonsense? Possibly so, but it made me think of where we put the spaces in our very busy everyday lives. The spaces we need to help us reflect and look at tasks in a different way so we can do them more efficiently and effectively. The spaces that help us to relax just for a moment and when we need it most.

How often have you said or heard someone else say, “give me some space.”

The main element to my Achievement Thinking methodology is to slow down and find those spaces of calm (they only need last a minute or two) so that we can reflect, get grounded and refocussed enabling us to do our work faster.

When in that space you might consider also doing a deep breathing exercise to help you reach that much needed moment of calm and become grounded.

I know most of us are more than aware we need to find space, the question is, when? Especially when we’re rushed off our feet.

So here are a few ideas:

  • when brushing your teeth if you can
  • block out a time in your diary
  • between tasks
  • while waiting for the kettle to boil when making a hot drink
  • the one I use the most often is this one – every time you go to the loo (if in public, then I suggest the men use a cubicle), do what you need to do and spend an extra minute or two in there before washing your hands and then carrying on with your day
  • when getting in the car before you drive off
  • when in the car and having arrived at a destination, just before you get out
  • just before a meeting
  • just after a meeting
  • just before your head hits the pillow to nod off to sleep

If you can think of any others then please let me know.

It’s about finding those times during the day when we can make that space, enabling us to look at tasks and challenges differently and knowing ‘I’m Now Here’ and whatever I chose to do I’m Possible’ :)

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