Resilience and the clue of a cluttered workspace

Am I weird or do you experience something similar?

I’ve noticed something very strange over the last few years. The condition of my workspace (in my case my desk) often reflects the condition of my mind.

If my desk is cluttered so is my mind and I have difficulty thinking straight. When my desk is all but clear (at least in an orderly condition), so is my mind, better still I have more clarity of thought, focus and (as surprisingly strange and delightful as it is) I also feel grounded.

My desk is an external clue to either pause and regroup my thoughts or to carry on. As well as a big clue to tidy up of course :)

A friend of mine experiences the same thing but with her it’s the condition of her garage. Her desk is clear but her garage isn’t and every so often she has to have a clear out.

Along those lines, I remember two years ago I had some coaching and had a big mental shift. My desk was tidy but my loft was full of junk and when I had my mental shift the following day I was compelled to clear out the loft. 75% of what was up there I either threw away, gave away or sold. I realised my loft represented my subconscious mind.

I felt sooooooooooo good afterwards.

An aspect of resilience is being aware of the clues (internal or external) telling us to slow down and that there are some things we need to let go of so we can get grounded and carry on. But carry on by putting our energy where it’s needed and most effective.

Being busy is ok, being very busy is ok but not to the extent we feel overwhelmed. Sometimes overcoming overwhelm is not just about taking a break from time to time, it’s also about letting go of ideas, thoughts and tasks we don’t really need or need to do any more.

So you can give yourself more energy to do the things you actually need to do, what are your clues that you need to pause and mentally regroup.

And if there is something you need to stop doing or let go of right now what would it be?

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