Resilience – When you fail think about it this way

An aspect of resilience is how we think when we fail or get something wrong.

We ALL make mistakes from time to time, don’t we? Well, don’t we?

I don’t know about you but I dislike it when I get something wrong or I don’t get the result I want.

I had a mini aha moment a while ago.

Even the most successful people we know have all made mistakes, at some point. In other words they’ve all failed. Ergo (I have no idea what ‘ergo’ means but it makes me sound like I’ve had an education… of sorts) every successful person is… a failure.

And there M’lud I rest my case for the defence.

The question is, what makes successful people different to everyone else? The answer lies in the way they think, which is typical of ‘Achievement Thinking’.

Most successful people have not only failed but failed often. If they’ve failed often then they’ve made more attempts than most people. If they’ve made more attempts then they’ve had more successes and if they’ve had more successes (here comes that word again) ergo they’re classed as successful.

I’m not going to give you any examples I’ll let you find the proof yourself.

We’ve all at some point decided to acquire a new skill or achieve a goal (like losing weight or getting fit) and either gave in when things got a little tough or we did what successful people do, picked ourselves back up and we… carried on.

Granted some successful people strike lucky and find success easily but in the main successful people have had to ‘work’ at their success.

So what’s the big hang up with the word ‘failure’? We don’t like it, that’s what.

The word has baggage and suggests we’re something less than perfect. So instead of the word ‘failure’ let’s use another word and let that word be… ‘learning’ or any variation of that word.

When a successful person gets something wrong they learn from the experience.

They don’t purposefully get something wrong unless they want to test it. But they do their best to get it right and learn from the error.

Think about something you do really well. I bet you weren’t that good when you first started.

We’ve had to learn to walk, ride a bike, do our work and do a thousand and one other things and with perseverance and by correcting what went wrong (certainly in the early stages) we got better until we became more than just proficient at it.

Sooooooooooooooooooo from now on think of any task this way, you can’t fail.

You’re just… learning.

If you’re learning that makes you a student at the University Of Success.

Just one thing… no running in the corridors please :)

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