The Sneaky Stunts Savvy Solutions

The solution to the late April 2021 ‘Sneaky Stunt’

Undrinkable Coffee

You wouldn’t be able to drink it because it would be coffee in the form of… beans :)


The solution to the late March 2021 ‘Sneaky Stunt’

Impossible or ‘Knot’

Impossible? Knot actually (see what I did there?)

Lay the string out in a straight line on a surface where you can easily reach it.

Fold your arms. Take a hold of the left end of the string with your right hand and the right end of the string with your left hand. Hold both ends tight and… unfold your arms. Voila! With a little creative and sneaky thinking a knot, you see knot possible :-)


The solution to the early February 2021 ‘Sneaky Stunt’

Straw pole

You’ll need a bunch of drinking straws and… a pin.

You have to prepare all the drinking straws before you meet your friend.

About 2.5 cms from one end of each straw push the pin right through so there are two pin holes directly opposite each other.  Put the straws in the container with the prepared ends at the top.

When you’re handed a straw you’ll be able to feel where the pin holes are.  To drink the water all you have to do is cover the pin holes with your finger and thumb.  This looks perfectly natural as you’re holding the straw.

Now this stunt may not work 100% of the time.  Your friend might accidentally cover the holes as they drink through it.  Also they might put the straw in to the glass with the holes at the bottom, if they do they’ll only be able to drink as far down as the holes.


The solution to the late January 2021 ‘Sneaky Stunt’

Have a drink on me

This only works with bottles of wine that have a cork in them.  Trainers (running shoes) usually work better than shoes because they have a thick rubber sole.

The shoe is placed on a hard surface such as a floor so the sole rests on the surface, with the opening of the shoe facing the ceiling. Place the bottle of wine so the base is flat against the heel part inside the shoe.  In other words, if you were wearing a shoe, your heel would sit nicely and comfortably in the heel part of the shoe (obviously).  The leg sticks out of the shoe vertically.  That’s the position of the bottle, it sticks vertically from the shoe.

While holding the shoe with a firm grip in one hand and the centre of the bottle with a strong grip in the other hand simply pound the bottom of the shoe against a wall, preferable a brick wall.  If you’re going to do this in someone’s home I suggest you place a book against a wall and pound the book, then you don’t damage the decorations.

The force of the liquid inside the bottle will force the cork out, but only a little bit.  Repeat the pounding until the cork is a little over half way out and then you’ll easily be able to pull it out the rest of the way with your fingers or teeth (but be careful if using your teeth).

Be careful when you do this stunt, I accept no responsibility for any accidents that may occur.


The solution to the late November 2020 ‘Sneaky Stunt’

Nine! Nine! Nine!

I’m not sure if you’re going to like me for this as it only works if you know your fractions. The way to write three fours in such a way so they’ll make five is as follows 4 4/4 in other words you write it as four and four quarters.

Oh come on, we’re in lockdown and I’m going stir crazy, that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.  I promise to make the next sneaky stunt more fun.


The solution to the early November 2020 ‘Sneaky Stunt’

Sneaky Mind-reading

When your friend has worked out the answer ask them what the last digit is.

Take the last digit away from nine and this will give you the first digit of the three digit number. The middle digit is always nine.


The solution to the late October 2020 ‘Sneaky Stunt’

Nine! Nine! Nine!

You’re probably thinking there are 10 but of course there are 20… you didn’t forget 90, 91, 92, 93, 94, 95, 96, 97, 98 and 99 did you? In case you missed it, and some do, there are two 9’s in 99  ;)


The solution to the late September 2020 ‘Sneaky Stunt’

A Trial Separation

As Bob Dylan said, “The answer my friend is blowing in the wind” and the answer really is blowing in the wind.

With the open mouths of the glasses facing you, blow hard into the gap between the two glasses. The inner glass will shoot out so make sure your hands are waiting to catch it.


The solution to the early September 2020 ‘Sneaky Stunt’

Very Odd Maths

I have to admit this is a truly sneaky one.

Drop three coins into one glass, then another three coins in another glass and the remaining FOUR coins into the last glass.

I know, I know the last glass has an even number of coins init, congratulations on your grasp of the obvious.  However, I’m not done yet.  This is where the sneakiness (or lateral thinking) comes in.  Stack one of the glasses… did I mention you need glasses that will stack or nest together?  No?  Well I’m mentioning it now.  Stack one of the glasses with three coins in it in to (or on top of) the glass with the four coins in it.  Technically, each glass now has an odd number of coins in it.

Yes, I know.  Sometimes, and only sometimes, I can be lower than a snake’s belly.  Tee hee hee :)


The solution to the July 2020 ‘Sneaky Stunt’

I know you’re not going to like me for this. I’m a big boy and I can take it, so here goes.

The highest mountain on Earth before mount Everest was discovered was… Mount Everest. It was always there it just hadn’t been discovered.

I hope we can still be friends ;)


The solution to the May 2020 ‘Sneaky Stunt’

Well that was quick, I thought you would have taken a little longer before coming to this page.  Ok, ok here’s the answer.

After everyone gives in and wonders what it could be.  Produce a nut in its shell, say a walnut or hazelnut.  Crack it open and show the kernel, ‘which no one has seen before.’  Then so, ‘no one will ever see it again,’ eat it.

Simples, I said it was a cracking conundrum, although the only nut who thinks he can get away with a stunt like that is… I suppose… me :)


The solution to the March 2020 ‘Sneaky Stunt’

Are you here already? You could have given it a little longer before giving in and seeking the answer. Well… now you’re here…

Very few people can count from 10 to 1 backwards correctly the first time.  Confused? Make yourself comfy and allow me to explain.  Correctly counting from 10 to 1 backwards would be 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.

It’s just the way it’s worded that makes it sound confusing.

By the way, why was six scared of seven?  Because seven ate (eight) nine.  Ha Ha ha… er… maybe not.


The solution to the January 2020 ‘Sneaky Stunt’

Are you here already? You could have given it a little longer before giving in and seeking the answer. Well… now you’re here…

Once someone accepts the challenge walk them over to a door (you’re ahead of me now, aren’t you? No? OK then.) Lay down the sheet of newspaper over the threshold, close the door, preferably lock it, stand on one end of the sheet and ask them to stand on the other end.  Then ask them to try to touch you.

If your challenger is a karate expert may I suggest a steel re-enforced door.

And next time give it a little longer before you give in ;)

See you next month.


The solution to the December2019 ‘Sneaky Stunt’

This is so sneaky, I had no idea I could stoop so low but hey… it’s CHRIIISTMAS!!!!

You write down their favourite colour on all four pieces of paper :O

Don’t let them see what you’re writing.  When you’ve done the trick casually dispose of the other pieces of paper without letting them see what you’ve written on them.


The solution to the November 2019 ‘Sneaky Stunt’

I have two coins in my hand, they both add up to a total of 70p and one of them is not a 50p piece.  What are the values of the coins I have in my hand?

I have a 50p piece and a 20p piece.  The one that isn’t a 50p piece is… that’s right, the 20p piece.

I said it was easy :)


The solution to the October 2019 ‘Sneaky Stunt’

Which word does every single American pronounce incorrectly?

I can’t believe I’m telling you this but tell you I shall.

It’s the word, ‘incorrectly’ of course :)

If it makes you feel any better when I first heard this I was incorrect too :)


The solution to the September 2019 ‘Sneaky Stunt’

What lives above a star, has the initials PQRS and has at least 11 neighbours?

Brace yourself…

It’s the number 7 button on a mobile phone.  Actually, I think this works for all if not most phones.

I know… I don’t believe it either. The number of times we look at our mobile phones and we don’t notice.


The solution to the July 2019 ‘Sneaky Stunt’

Sooooooooo here are the indisputable things I know about you.

You’ve only had one birthday, the days you’ve celebrated since have been anniversaries.

You were born on a Wednesday (which is plus or minus three days of any other day of the week).

Your weight is 1000 grams to the kilogram.



The solution to the June 2019 ‘Sneaky Stunt’

You have two, you took them away remember? :)


The solution to the May 2019 ‘Sneaky Stunt’

When I tell you the solution you’ll appreciate why you need a glass bottle for this and not a plastic one.  A plastic bottle is too light and will easily topple over although it is possible to do it with a plastic bottle.

By using a little verbal misdirection (i.e. talking about the tablecloth pulling stunt) everyone will think they have to use speed and agility to remove the note. In fact, the slower you are the better.

Very carefully start to roll up the note at one of the short ends. Take your time and keep rolling until you meet the bottle (see the photo on the left). Keep on rolling, but even slower and you’ll surprise yourself to see that the bottle is pushed along by the rolled up portion of the bank note. Keep going and bit by bit the bottle will be pushed along the length of the note until it slides off the far end and rests on the table.

As I said, try it with the bottle upside down on the note and you’ll surprise yourself, just be careful. We do not accept any responsibility for any damage that might be caused.


The solution to the April 2019 ‘Sneaky Stunt’

All you do is fold the bank note as many times as you can along its length like a concertina.

This concertina folding is what gives the bank note its strength.  Place the bank note between two of the glasses as shown in the photo.

You can now balance the glass on the bank note as illustrated.

It’ll now be obvious to you why you have to use a £20 note.  As it’s made of paper the folds will not unfold unlike the plastic notes which are difficult to crease and the folds won’t hold.


The solution to the March 2019 ‘Sneaky Stunt’

This is so simple you’re not going to believe it. All you have to do is count from 1 to 99. That’s it!!! None of those numbers contain the letters a, b, c, d, j, k, m, p, q, x, or z.


The solution to the February 2019 ‘Sneaky Stunt’

A coffin :O


The solution to the January 2019 ‘Sneaky Stunt’

I said this was going to be an easy one.

The answer is once, then you’ll be subtracting it from 40 :)


The solution to the November 2018 ‘Sneaky Stunt’

You’re not going to like me for this, I’ve been so very very naughty.  Will you ever be able to forgive me?

They forgot to mention a teeny weeny detail in the description of their birth.  there was a third brother born at the same time (I bet you never saw that coming)!  That’s right, there’s three of them, strictly speaking they’re not twins but… TRIPLETS!!  :O


The solution to the October 2018 ‘Sneaky Stunt’

They are standing in a very common pose for them, back to back


The solution to the September 2018 ‘Sneaky Stunt’

This really is an easy one. As I said, you may have needed to have thought about it for a few seconds but you should have got it.

The cyclist is now in second place replacing the other cyclist :)


The solution to the July 2018 ‘Sneaky Stunt’

Of course you can jump higher than the tallest tree and the Shard in London, anyone can.  Why?  Because trees and buildings don’t jump :)


The solution to the June 2018 ‘Sneaky Stunt’

Of course you don’t possess super powers but you will, after reading this, have little know how :)

This might be a little difficult to explain but let’s give it a go.

You said you wouldn’t touch the middle coin but you didn’t say anything about touching or not touching the other two coins and they are the coins you’re going to touch.

The coins are in a row, let’s number them –  1,  2,  3.

Take coin number 3 and place it to the left of coin number 1.  They are now in the order 3,  1,  2.

Coin number 2 which was in the middle is now no longer in he middle but on the right.  You’ve therefore taken away the middle coin without touching it because it’s now the coin on the right end. :)


The solution to the May 2018 ‘Sneaky Stunt’

You don’t really have the strength of Hercules more the cunning of an Achievement Thinker.

All you have to do is moisten the napkin near the centre.  A few drops of water will do it easily.  Perhaps a little saliva will do it but you’ll have to experiment before you do it in public.


The solution to the April 2018 ‘Sneaky Stunt’

So, you have your sheet of A4 paper.  It has four sides and four corners right?

Cut off one of the corners, the piece you cut off will be a triangle with three corners but the other piece of paper will now have five corners.

In other words, 4 corners minus 1 corner leaves 5 corners ie 4 – 1 = 5.

I you find it hard to visualise try it with a piece of paper in hand and see.


The solution to the March 2018 ‘Sneaky Stunt’

I said this was an oldie but a goodie.  Prepare yourself for a good groan at the solution.

All you need is a glass of water, put the glass on your head and… you’re now under water.

You can now stay under water all day if you like :)


The solution to the February 2018 ‘Sneaky Stunt’

OK, we’re going back to our school day science experiments.  Isn’t it amazing how much we forget.

It’s all down to static electricity.

You’ll need a plastic comb.  Run it briskly through your hair, if you’re bald run it through a friend’s hair, I’m sure they won’t mind.  This will build up a strong static electricity charge on the tines of the comb.  Without delay hold the comb about 0.5 cms above the salt and pepper mix.  The pepper will ‘jump’ on to and ‘stick’ to the tines of the comb.

You won’t separate all the pepper from the salt this way but you will get most of it.

There is another way.  You could pour the mixture in to a glass of water.  The salt will dissolve leaving the pepper floating top.


The solution to the January 2018 ‘Sneaky Stunt’

You’re not going to like me for this but here goes.

It’s very simple, you stick out your tongue and… touch your nose with one of your fingers.

Oh come on!  You mean you thought you had to touch your nose with your tongue… whatever gave you that idea ;)