So you think you’re an ordinary person, think again

Often we think of inspirational people as being extraordinary. The reality is, they’re really just… ordinary.

Think about it.

Take any inspirational person, for the sake of illustration, let’s use Steve Jobs. I know he died 2nd October 2011 but he’s an excellent and typical example. A flawed character? He certainly wasn’t perfect but look at what he achieved with Apple. He was also the CEO and majority shareholder of Pixar.

Read any biography of any famous person (historical or contemporary) you admire or of any achiever you admire and they’ve all had and, if they’re still present on this planet, will continue to have challenges just like the rest of us.

Not only that, we all know people who are not famous, or even well known but are inspirational to us and yes, they too will have issues and challenges.

Every year the King’s Birthday Honours list is littered with people, ordinary people, most of us have never heard of but who have made a difference in the world. Their objective was not recognition but to serve, to help someone or at least make someone’s life a little easier in some way.

These people all decided to make the changes they wanted to make… count. What they all have in common is that everything for them started with what was usually a small change.

Many of my clients ask me to speak at their events about resilience and the mindset needed to manage change (and how to make managing change easier) as many of us dislike change. Many of us often think we’re victims of change and forget change is an opportunity to make life better even though at first blush the opposite may appear to be true.

Some of the change that happens to us we can’t control but we can control how we react to the change. Sometimes we don’t change because we might think we’re just an ordinary person and won’t have much of an impact. The fact is that it’s the ordinary people who make all the difference and the difference they make often counts… BIG TIME.

So my dear reader, what are you feeling uncomfortable with in your life right now? And, what’s the smallest thing you can do to change it to make your life easier?

Sure, we might make mistakes and that’s fine providing we have a vision of what we want to achieve and are persistent in our actions.

Who knows, perhaps the action you take right now will lead to something much bigger and beneficial than you’ll ever imagine.

You might not become famous, or be recognised by the King, but your life will be easier in at least some small way.

So, what one small change are you going to make right now? Go on be brave.

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