The key to happiness revealed

Questions, questions, questions, so many questions:

Why is it called ‘after dark’ when it’s really ‘after light’?

Why is it that people who tell you to have an open mind always want you to agree with them?

If you had x-ray vision and could see through anything, wouldn’t you see through everything and see nothing?

And here’s the BIG question… ‘What’s the key to happiness?’

Actually the big question is, ‘What’s the meaning of life and everything?’ But we’ll start small with, ‘what is happiness?’ first and work our way up.

Our happiness certainly has an impact on our resilience.

It’s amazing how many people say, “all I want is to be happy.” BUT… they don’t know what ‘being happy’ is. For some people, complaining and being miserable is their idea of heaven. I believe there are probably as many answers to what happiness is as there are people on the planet.

Have you noticed during the times when you’re unhappy why you ARE unhappy? There are usually two circumstances:

One is when we feel we might lose something; it could be a possession such as a car, dignity, our job, a loved one.

The other time is when we don’t meet our expectations. For example we might expect to lose a certain amount of weight after spending a whole week dieting and doing without some of our favourite foods, but we plateau and lose nothing.

The key to happiness is in my opinion the first step you have to take be happy, and that is knowing exactly what happiness is to you. If it’s having a lot of money, put an exact figure to it then you’ll know when you’ll be happy.

On your journey to happiness I suggest you lay as many of the following seven foundation stones to happiness as possible and build from there.

1) Treat yourself like your own best friend

Do you ever beat yourself up after you’ve made a mistake? Then… STOP IT!!!! You’re not perfect so love yourself for who and what you are.

2) Appreciate what you already have, pause and be grateful

That doesn’t mean you can’t strive for better things; just be glad with what you have at the moment. In particular, be appreciative of the relationships you have, namely the family and friends you love.

3) Give something from time to time

Have you noticed how you feel when you help someone or do a good job? Give something to someone, give a homeless person a few coppers, give some flowers (for no reason) to a neighbour, help next door with an odd job around their house.

4) Find a purpose in your life

Whether it’s your work where you feel you’re making a difference, or the fact that you’re raising a child, purpose gives meaning to our lives and will often give us an incentive to overcome obstacles.

5) Remind yourself of past victories

We often forget how resourceful and good we really are at our work; remind yourself of past victories and successes, it’ll make you feel better and remind you of your self-worth as well.

6) Involve in your life what brings you joy

This is so obvious, but I’m amazed how forgetful we are. We’re so busy with life we forget that part of it is to enjoy it with activities and people we like and love, so remind yourself to experience as much joy as possible.

7) Choose to be happy whatever happens to you

At times that can be challenging. We sometimes can’t control what happens to us, but we can control how we react to it. Optimism can be learned.

So there are your seven foundation stones for happiness to be going on with.

Oh yes, and as for the meaning of life and everything, let me know when you find out ūüėČ

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