What clients say about John

From small businesses to multi-nationals, from trade associations to the public sector, from staff events, to sales meetings to leadership summits, when an organisation wants their people to work even smarter, achieve and exceed targets and goals, John Hotowka has helped them all by delivering Achievement Thinking® keynote speeches or speaking after dinner. AND… he equips and enables audiences to achieve outstanding results.

Confederation of Paper Industries Logo

“On behalf of the Confederation of Paper Industries and the many delegates who attended this years Health and Safety Conference, I would like to thank John for delivering an entertaining, thought provoking and professional session on how to achieve ‘personal resilience’.

It is always difficult finding someone who can engage with an audience and hold people’s attention for an hour on what is perceived to be a ‘boring topic’, but John was excellent. Based on our initial discussions and pre-event calls, Johns session incorporated all the key messages that I wanted to convey, all of this was made easier by his willingness to listen, ask the right questions and then spend the time to personalise the session to suit our needs.

As an organiser of this event for many years, without question John would be on my ‘highly’ recommended list of speakers to have at an event.”

Andrew Braund, Director of Health and Safety, Confederation of Paper Industries

“I hired John for the Engie UK Commercial Conference as a guest speaker to talk about resilience. The session was fantastic and we have received very good feedback from the audience participants.

Unlike some other speakers we have had, John engaged everyone from the start with his delivery style and use of magic. The examples he used really remained with people – particularly regarding focusing in the correct place. I have absolutely no hesitation recommending John and we will certainly work together again in the future.”

Ben Finnerty, EwS Sales Director, ENGIE UK & Ireland

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“The initial briefing sessions were really easy, well structured and provided a good outline of what we wanted John to cover.

John’s presentation content and style were spot on for the style and demographic of our business. Serious and valuable topics of resilience, belief in yourself, managing change and elements of wellbeing were all covered in a thoughtful, interesting and entertaining style! John’s own experience was intertwined with the various topics, which gave his presentation real credibility.

The feedback from our team, apprentice through to directors has been incredibly positive with everyone taking their own snippet of knowledge as well as the broader message of dealing with change and challenges.”

Yusoff Ghaznavi, Managing Director, MAC Construction Consultants

“Having been lucky enough recently to observe and be a participant of John’s work I would highly recommend any businesses looking to engage, inspire and really encourage employees to think outside the box to seek John’s services.

Thought provoking, enlightening and filled with humor, John’s message was delivered in such a way that all persons in the room could resonate and take away different ways of thinking to apply to themselves and their teams.

John spoke with confidence and empathy, reading the audience with excellence and tailoring his approach accordingly.”

Emma Shell, Project Manager, Penny on the Move (Penny Petroleum)

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“I heard John speak recently when I chaired Community Housing Cymru’s Culture and Organisational Development Conference. John’s style kept the virtual audience engaged as he shared mindset strategies in order to manage paced changed even in difficult times.

What I think was really valuable about spending time listening to John was that he gave delegates practical tips to use that would support them on a day to day basis but also build resilience over a longer time frame. John made me laugh and smile, but he also left me with a sense that my time had been well spent listening to him.”

Paula Kennedy, Chief Executive, Melin Homes

First Milk Logo

“John was an excellent motivational speaker at a recent business workshop event – he was very personable, made the audience feel at ease and we had a lot of laughs on the day! The key messages landed well with the audience and the simplicity of John’s messaging was highly effective in ensuring we all understood how simple changes to our every day activities can make such a difference. I would absolutely recommend John to others.”

Rhona McGuinness, HR Director, First Milk

Pitney Bowes logo

“We invited John to participate in the first ever virtual Pitney Bowes Mental Well-Being week and to present to our employees on the importance of resilience. The week was very well received in large part to John’s presentation.

He was funny, engaging, and honest, and most importantly had a great message to tell about the importance of resilience with straight-forward tips that everyone can use.

His interactions with the audience were wonderful and certainly helped the great feedback that we received.

John’s very easy to work with and his prep work for the presentation was a genuine effort to learn about PB culture and our employees. It allowed him to naturally interweave PB specific information while he was speaking, which the audience appreciated. Overall, a memorable experience that easily met expectations.”

Nate Nevas, Director, Total Rewards and HR M&A at Pitney Bowes

“I attended one of John’s virtual speeches as part of our marketing team building day and it was a real delight. John not only kept everyone fully entertained throughout the session with his experience with resilience and agility but also gave very practical examples of how to build these skills for any challenges we may face. I especially enjoyed when he explained burnout/stress with a balloon exploding trick.

Great structure. Easy to follow. Clear techniques and that can be applied for everyday situations. All that with an incredible smile and charm. I will personally start using/applying most of these techniques and they were all highly relevant. Can’t recommend enough!”

Kathrin Peterssen, Brand Manager at RB, Calgon, Botanical Origin & Woolite

PwC logo

“I was lucky to attend a 1 hour virtual session by John in June 2020. I found it incredibly helpful on both a professional and personal level.

The content was extremely relevant, topical and timely and will definitely help me with resilience strategies. I will be recommending it to all my colleagues and have taken away a great deal from the session.

John brilliantly adapted to a virtual setting, he really knows how to engage the audience and motivate and I loved the interactive element. Having short fun breaks invigorated me and meant my mind was more receptive to the messages. The Magic element of the session was so unique and made it even more enjoyable for me. Thank you John – you are such a talented presenter!”

Deborah Guest, Personal & Virtual Assistant at PwC

Aston University logo

“I found John’s presentation via Zoom inspiring, interesting and valuable. His presentation skills were excellent and it was interesting to see such new and innovative ways of presenting – had me sitting on the edge of my seat!

The content was relevant to the situation we find ourselves in, but it also struck home with me personally. I could relate to the presentation in so many ways and John really inspired me with some of his strategies – especially the Step Up and Step Onwards. It’s a mantra and a presentation I will remember for a long time to come!”

Julie Goodwin, Executive Assistant at Aston University

“We hired John to provide a pre-dinner speech that met with our objective of elevating the importance of ‘connectedness’ amongst our growing team. We were looking for some targeted messages to be delivered in an entertaining, fun and memorable way which John absolutely delivered on.

The feedback from the event has been really strong, and John’s words have been played back many times in many different contexts, really helping my team to prioritise better and work through challenging situations with a positive mindset.

John was great to work with, and spent quality time upfront in really getting to know me and helping me to clarify the key messages to be delivered, bringing his own suggestions and ideas which was very helpful indeed!

Thanks again John, and look forward to next time.”

Chris Morgan, Operating Supply and Planning Director at Lucozade Ribena Suntory

“Without doubt John is the most engaging and uplifting speaker I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. Rather than being talked at, the room is captured; rather than looking at presentation slides, the room is discovering real time advice; rather than sitting there fiddling with a pencil or looking out the window, each person in the room is fascinated and most importantly smiling!

John’s delivery of practical, useful motivation techniques sets him apart form others. This isn’t forced fun of ‘talk to a stranger’ or ‘make a list of your best and worst attributes’ – John delivers quality content in a method that you want to keep listening to, watching and engaging with.

I would absolutely recommend John and his outstanding motivational presence to uplift any networking breakfast, conference or dinner. Not only is the content relevant and useful, but it’s delivered efficiently and humorously which absolutely works”.

Michael Simmons, Wembley Stadium Business Development Manager

“We recently engaged John to present at the Auditel National Conference. His thorough preparation, including the time he took with us to understand the business model, showed in the quality of his presentation.

We particularly appreciated how he wove in some of our key messages. Not only did this engage the audience on a personal level, but it made the messages so memorable that many of our network have been repeating them in the weeks following the event.

One of the best motivational speakers we have had the pleasure to work with – thank you!”

Fiona Steels, Franchise Recruitment for Auditel UK Ltd

“I recently had the pleasure to attend one of John’s presentations and was blown away by his delivery, motivating messages and humour.

He captivated the audience and left everyone wanting more, I have already been following some of John’s motivational techniques and advice and can honestly say it is already beginning to make a difference to how I approach my career and home life.

Highly recommend you attend a session if you can.”

Greg Jones, Claims Service Manager at Zurich Insurance Company Ltd

“As a speaker at the launch of the Unilever Ice Cream field sales team I was looking for John to change the pace of the event and add something different by focussing on the mind-set for success.

John came recommended by a colleague and was great to work with, he really took time to understand the business, the terminology and the audience and then weave this detail into his presentation – which made it feel personal and relevant to the team in the room.

Landing the mind-set messages with humour and magic was unique and many people spoke about how much they enjoyed it afterwards and were motivated to go out and sell…which ultimately was our goal.”

Patrick Bramich, Account Controller – Unilever Ice Cream at McCurrach

“We hired John to try and use a different approach to connect with our business leaders across key messages around our new company beliefs. Our objective was fully achieved with John’s messages in his unique delivery style fully resonating with the audience. Particularly around John using his own life experience to endorse the message that we all should celebrate/acknowledge successes no matter how small, focus on what is helpful and surrounding ourselves with peer collaborative groups.

In terms of the cultural shift we are wanting to embark on John’s messages were an effective springboard to kickstarting this. John himself is very personable, thoughtful and engaging and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending his services.

Graham Hale, Chief Executive Officer, Go Plant Fleet Services Limited

“John was a revelation! We hired John to address all our staff, approximately 500 in the one sitting. Our objective was to present, in a different and thought-provoking way, some key messages and tools to help around resilience, confidence, team working and creative thinking. John certainly achieved this with his unique delivery and clarity around these messages. John used great anecdotes and examples but uniquely great interactivity and even magic! to illustrate and get across each key message. The presentation was very helpful, impactful and many staff commented afterwards how much they had enjoyed this and how they had some tangible tools to take away with them that they could easily relate to.

John was very professional and easy to work with both before and on the day and we are really pleased that we engaged him and with the impact that he had. We would thoroughly recommend John.”

Marcus Clinton, CEO, Reaseheath College

“John delivered a motivational presentation on transforming your mindset through achievement thinking at one of our recent Inspire Top Talent Network events. From the outset he was genuinely interested in understanding and meeting our requirements. He has his own unique delivery style using humour and magic that really engages everyone in the room with no PowerPoint in sight! One comment from an Inspire TT Network member stated, ‘John was incredible and a truly inspirational person.’ There were a plethora of positive comments on what John had inspired them to do through the simple, practical tools he shared, designed to help them be even more resourceful, more resilient and to achieve even more, even during the toughest times.

I highly recommend John. He is very personable, engaging and collaborative in how he works, keen to get everything right for his clients. Many thanks for inspiring our network members to even greater achievements. ”

Ann Sullivan, Organisational Development Consultant at Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council

“I had the pleasure and opportunity to hear John speak in January 2017 at the ABPCO (Association of British Professional Conference Organisers) AGM. Both inspirational and thought-provoking. John had me and the room filled with professional conference organisers hooked from start to finish.

What stuck with me was the ‘Just do it’ philosophy and how we can train our minds to focus on the positive – simple but powerful messages to be applied to professional and personal life, and all delivered with a sprinkle of magic!

So we laughed, gasped and nodded in agreement throughout. Thank you John!”

Madalina Marincas, Conference and Event Organiser

“John recently delivered a motivational session at our leadership Community Event here in Derby Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

John made the session fun but with some very key messages for our Senior Leaders using a different kind of approach that left the audience engaged throughout.

I would thoroughly recommend John and would use him for future sessions with our leadership teams here in Derby.”

Jayne Dickenson Darcy, Derby Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

“I would highly recommend John to any organisation. He is inspiring, engaging and fun!

His attention to detail, to understand our organisation ahead of his presentation was brilliant – it meant we had a really meaningful and impactful presentation that our employees could easily relate to.

His key messages now resonate through the building!

Emily Norris, Nutritionist at Nestle (Nestec)

“John opened up our National Molly Maid Convention to both entertain but more importantly to also encourage our Franchise Owners to be open minded and accepting of business improvements throughout the weekend ahead.

He delivered on every level with over 92% of delegates saying he was very helpful to their business.

Thoroughly recommended if you’re after an entertaining yet inspiring way to start your event.”

Jonathan Holden, Chief Operating Officer, Molly Maid UK Ltd

“Unconventional, punchy, highly relevant, true and valuable.”

Mark Anderson, MD, Virgin Holidays

“I watched John present at the Leading Edge conference – and found him highly entertaining, whilst giving practical advice that could be used immediately to start optimising achievement thinking strategies.

I would look forward to seeing John present in the future and will be highly recommending him to my colleagues.”

Amy Lawson, PepsiCo

“Having found John’s website and watched a few of his videos, we thought John would be an excellent after dinner speaker following our industry conference and we weren’t disappointed.

His attention to detail and pre-event planning was meticulous and this resulted in probably the most entertaining and engaging speaker we have ever booked.

We asked John to provide a mix of humour, audience participation, magic and also to get across some business messages that we had discussed. He was absolutely spot on and the conference delegates have not stopped talking about their evening with John.”

David Elliott, Chief Executive at Surface Engineering Association

“The best motivational speaker I have heard, loved the lighthearted style and magic but with a true message that resonated.

Took away some great learning I would recommend John to any organisation.”

Becky Sutton, Divisional General Manager at Chesterfield Royal Hospital at NHS Foundation Trust

“What I wanted was for our delegates to start the conference feeling empowered to make changes in their working lives, have the ability to speak up and speak out and to build the resilience to manage whatever hurdles they have to jump to ensure patients are kept safe.

I am always impressed with professional speakers who ask for your brief and build into their presentations the exact key messages that you wish to get across and John did this incredibly well and the feedback received from delegates so far is extremely positive.

John is professional and fun to work with and engaged well with our delegates, HQ team and everyone else who was at the event. Thank you John for opening our two day conference so well and giving us the starting point to build upon for the rest of the weekend.”

Dawn Stott, CEO Association of Perioperative Practice

“I first met John at an inspiring leaders day and what an inspiration he was! I enjoyed every minute of his talk and his useful and sensible tips to become more effective in life and think like an achiever were great.

His delivery was excellent, fun but real, unique in so many ways! I often look back at my notes to revisit the techniques he shared with us and smile at the memory of the fantastic day we had! I since invited John to speak at an event I was involved in organising and again – he did a great job!

I am very pleased to have met John and would certainly recommend him as a professional speaker to anyone I know!”

Nicole Leida, Head of Conference and Events at National Cancer Research Institute

“I was lucky enough to hear John speak at the ACES 2017 event at Murrayfield in Edinburgh which I was Chairing. Our audience were PA’s & Executive Secretaries from around the country and John completely understood his audience and geared his presentation accordingly. John was totally engaging from the outset…. his presentation was a mix of inspiration, humour mixed with a little bit of magic and showed a real understanding of his audience.

I’ve been involved with ACES since its inception 10 years ago and have to say that John was one of the most motivational and entertaining speakers we’ve ever had. Everything he had to say was totally relevant to his audience and I know from delegate feedback on the day, that they went away completely inspired and motivated to achieve more in their careers and their personal lives too.

I cannot recommend John highly enough…. he’s a completely unique, inspirational & entertaining speaker and the illusions he performs just adds to the magic!”

Joan Serafini, Owner, Equator Events and Public Affairs Ltd

“John fully met our goals to enliven and energise the first get together of our 3 CCGs. With 129 people in the room, opportunities were created to listen, watch, learn and engage. John took to the stage as key note speaker combining achievement thinking techniques and tips with his USP – magic.

We provided a full briefing and John worked our material into his performance, making it relevant to the changes we are managing and how we can work together to increase our resilience levels. Our audience involved a broad cross-section of people and roles (non clinical), a lot of whom didn’t know each other well. The activities led by John worked well in breaking the ice and bringing people together with energy, good humour and, perhaps most importantly, laughter. Feedback has been good, in particular from those of our teams who are specialist and located on separate floors or buildings.

Value is added by John in his follow-up, with a full write-up of his achievement thinking techniques and tips. His magic tricks remain Top Secret however!”

Dawn Clissett, Head of Organisation Development, NHS CCG

“John joined us recently at a Celebration of Medical Educator’s event. John was brilliant; really great to work with. He took the time to really understand the context we were working in and he really cares about delivering the best for the audience.

We wanted someone who could inspire a community and John did that. He made people think differently. John got individuals enthusiastic and connected in a way that we could never have thought of; with the use of magic and fun new relationships were built.

John is professional, original and had impact. Just what we needed!”

Jill Guild, Health Education East Midlands Local Education and Training Board

“I heard John speak at the IGD Leading Edge Masterclass and I really enjoyed his style of presentation and think he hit the balance really well between humour and magic, and getting serious points across.

I have already used some of the suggestions John made in both my work and personal life, and feel his positive outlook and realistic suggestions has helped me navigate my way through a difficult few weeks at work by making simple changes to the way I do, and think about things.

I would recommend that anyone who has the opportunity to listen to John’s Masterclass should do so.”

Fiona Miller, Retail Brand Manager at Arla Foods Amba

“We recently engaged John to be a guest speaker at our sales conference.

John was a great choice for us as his unique delivery is well suited to conveying important messages in both a memorable and entertaining way.

John invested time in understanding our business challenges, the people and our culture. Not only did this allow him to tailor his material to fit our needs but also re-assured us that he understood and respected our company values.”

Matthew Curtis, Segment Sales Director, Jotun Paints (Europe) Ltd

“John spoke at a meeting I recently attended about change. A daunting subject was made fun, engaging and thought provoking through John’s unique style.

Whilst I’m used to change in business, his method of delivery was refreshing and I’ve already shared many of the key points with my team. I would absolutely recommend John’s work.”

Mark Proud, People Manager at Dunelm

“John led a session at the recent Leading Edge Conference; his refreshingly individual style of delivery and personable approach was engaging and fascinating to watch.

And by the way… his message absolutely landed! Book into a session if you see John is leading it!”

Lesley Phillips, Regional Development Facilitator at Waitrose

“John Hotowka gave an inspirational talk at this years CHC Resources Conference. The talk was delivered in a fun and entertaining way using magic tricks to reinforce key messages.

John’s delivery was truly unique, not gimmicky but original and educational.

Thank you John for such a great start to the conference and for sharing some fantastic tips on controlling internal negative voices. Truly inspirational.”

Samantha Morgan, Head of HR and Corporate Services at Coastal Housing Group

“John was excellent to work with, right from the off he was organised, efficient and truly grasped what we were to convey to our senior management team.

John was funny, quirky and delivered the right messages throughout his presentation, using his powers of negotiation he involved and engaged the whole team.

Following John’s presentation I received some excellent feedback from our team and will be definitely using the services of John later in the year.”

Mark Aldridge, Director of Operations – UK & Iberia at Louvre Hotels

John’s content will leave you with clear, easy-to-remember and easy-to-action outputs and great conversation starters.

I would never hesitate to join a presentation given by John in the future.”

Abigail Penney, Regional Executive at Twinings

“Everyone in the room commented to me how the wrap up (your presentation) was absolutely brilliant and in particular your insight in to how to change the way they think and approach their business to get results, and all done in an extremely entertaining way.”

Graham Dennis, Director, Money Save Solutions

“In advance of the conference I was very re-assured by the thorough approach to your preparation which was reflected in your delivery. You had had clearly taken the time to get to know our business and our challenges and many colleagues commented upon this.

I really felt you managed to get across our message about coping with a changing environment very effectively whilst keeping our audience entertained with your wit.

Feedback from the delegates was excellent with many of them telling me what an enjoyable and yet relevant session it was.”

Richard Caldicott, Head of Operations – Intermediaries, Prudential

“I hung on every word, I could have listened all day.”

Susan Carter, BAE Systems

“I was very impressed with you from the moment we booked your services until you walked off stage.

You were a delight to work with and made my colleague’s life very easy.

The presentation you delivered was fantastic and just what I had asked you for – entertaining and very amusing and at the same time delivering a message… very appropriate for our type of event and the business audience.”

Susie Cawood, Head of Events, Leeds, York & North Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce