Three things you know but have forgotten about managing change and uncertainty

So there I was, feeling like a lame turkey in December, sitting on a pile of sage and onion stuffing, listening to Christmas carols.

We all experience discomfort from time to time, especially when we’re about to go out of our comfort zone or we experience change and uncertainty.

More often the discomfort, possibly even fear, we experience is unfounded and is usually because we’re unsure of what’s going to happen, and we think we might have little or no control.

This year I celebrated 30 years in business and I’ve been reflecting on my evolution from entertainer to corporate magician to Achievement Thinking Speaker, and throughout that time I’ve experienced a lot of change, and uncertainty and I mean a LOT of change and uncertainty. I’ve made a mistake or two, or thousand. Who hasn’t?. I’ve celebrated many successes and I’ve learnt a lot along the way.

We’re living in an age when we’re looking for the latest tool, technique or insight to make our lives easier and happy. Which is fine, but we don’t master the basics we already know which will create a strong foundation to build our lives on.

Here are what I consider to be the top three basic and yet most important things we all know but need to keep in mind when managing change and uncertainty:


Accept there are some things you just can’t control. Only control and manage what you can control and let go of the rest.

If you have to work on a contingency plan, fine but otherwise forget it.

In other words, don’t obsess or worry about it. I know for some people that’s easier said than done but with practice it becomes easier done than said.


Remember you’ve worked through change and uncertainty before, and not just on the odd occasion, almost every day you’re managing change and uncertainty. If your car broke down this morning you had to manage the change and uncertainty of temporarily having no car. If you’ve recently been promoted or changed jobs you had to manage that change and uncertainty.

There’s just change we like and change we don’t like. If you’ve managed change and uncertainty before you’ll manage it again. Just do your best to stay calm and focussed.


In other words, TAKE ACTION. If you don’t make a move then nothing happens. You can’t even make a mistake to learn from.

By all means plan what you need to do just don’t get bogged down in the planning for the sake of planning, or fear of making the wrong decision so much so you become paralysed in to not making a move.

There’s a difference between failing and being a failure. When you’re a failure you give in, you stop working towards your goal. When you fail you just didn’t get the result you wanted and you’ve just been given the opportunity to learn from the failure so you can try again.

Even though it can sometimes be challenging to do those things (and boy o boy do I know) just do your best.

And remember, if at first you DO succeed… try to hide your astonishment ;)